Pause for Prayer: 6/23

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Yesterday afternoon I was at the beach, Lord,

soaking up the sun’s warmth

while a cool, onshore breeze

gently washed over my face and limbs…

The combination of the two

lifted my spirits and lightened the load

of all I carry this week

in my thoughts and in my heart…

I was consoled by the sun and the breeze

and brought to a place deep within

where I knew, with confidence,

that all shall be well ,

yes, all shall be well indeed…

And the warmth and the cool, Lord,

put me in mind of your consolation:

of the respite you give me

from worry and fear and anxious thoughts,

when you lead me by hand

to a peaceful place where I may trust

that all shall be well,

that all manner of things shall be well…

Too soon, then, did the sun set, the breeze die down

and the hour pass:

consolation is not forever

but rather a gift to be treasured

as it’s given, as it comes,

deep in one’s heart of hearts…

Open me up, Lord,

to those consoling moments

that bless my life and give me hope:

and visit my friends who long for your peace,

for the warmth of your presence

and the breeze of your Spirit

washing gently over their souls…


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  1. I had to smile when I recognized the influence if Julian of Norwich in today's prayer. It made me feel good and gave me extra consolation. Bless you!

  2. Julian's hope and trust are awesome!


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