Word for the Weekend: JUNE 26

Bronze sculpture by Naomi Spier

June 27 finds us at the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The first lesson (1 Kings) and the gospel (Luke) offer similar stories of a call to discipleship and its cost. We first see how Elisha leaves everything (even destroying his livestock and farming equipment to offer a sacrifice) to answer the call of the prophet Elijah. The elements of the Elisha story clearly inform the imagery in Jesus' call to his disciples. The question we need to ask is this: what price are we willing to pay to follow the Lord?

Between these two similar scriptures comes a message from Saint Paul on the freedom that is ours in the Spirit of Christ.

Texts of the scriptures and commentary on them are here and if you're shepherding young ones to Mass this weekend, you'll find hints on helping children prepare to hear the Word here. (Adults may find this link helpful, too!)


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