An anniversary!

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Nine years ago today I started blogging.  Here's my first post:
I have often thought of starting a blog and this rainy afternoon has provided an opportunity for me to give it a try.  I don't know if I have or can make the time to keep this fresh but I do know that if it becomes stale, it will disappear.   (I'm not even sure I'll be able to set this thing up and get it online!)
So, let's see how this goes...
Well, I've posted every single day since July 18, 2007 and this post is number 6,670.

And in case your wondering:  No.  I never dreamed I'd still be doing this all this time. But this page has become part of my life, my prayer and my ministry and, praise God, part of the daily lives of the many people who regularly stop by here to pause and pray...

I thank God who continues to feed me with ideas and words and the capacity to put them together in prayerful posts...

And for your faithful readership, your comments, notes, "likes," forwards and shares - I am so very grateful!


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  1. Praise to the Glory of God and His Amazing Grace and the gift of You!

  2. Congratulations, and thank you. I just celebrated my first-year anniversary of writing a blog. Didn't think I would make it this long. Nine years . . . what an accomplishment!

  3. Welcome to my page, Doris! Unless yours is a private page, you should include it in your Blogger address so others can read it.


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