Monday Morning Offering: 7/4

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Good morning, good God!

What a gift is this day, Lord,
and though I often forget,
I know you always give me
just one day at a time...

Not a few days in a bunch,
not a week, a month or a year:
you give me but one day at a time
and that’s more than enough, Lord,
more than enough for today…

All my yesterdays and yesteryears
came also from your hand
but they are past and they are gone
while this day’s gift is new and fresh:
a day that you have made…

And while I trust tomorrow 
will be in your loving care,
my future is unknown to me,
still stored within your heart,
a mystery past my reach…

You’ve given me this one day,  Lord,
no more than that
and, I pray and hope,
no less...

So I offer you this day
and pray that in its course I’ll find you:
walking by my side,
pulsing in my heart,
coloring my thoughts,
guiding my decisions,
speaking in my prayer,
generous in mercy,
giving me your strength,
calling me to rest
and holding me in love...

I offer you this one day, Lord,
and pray I won't be burdened
by memories of what’s past,
by sorrows born of loss,
by worry of what’s yet to be,
by fear of what's unknown...

I offer just this one day, Lord:
let my heart be open to your grace
to welcome in your peace;
and let my hands reach out
to serve my neighbors' needs...

Help me live this day you've offered
for my living and my breathing,
my growing and my giving
and my sharing what I have with those in need...

Today’s the day you’ve made, O Lord:
let me rejoice in it and find my joy!

Receive my offering of this day and at its close 
I pray you'll grant me, Lord,
a night of peaceful rest and sleep...


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