Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/30

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I love the little things
others do for me, Lord,
but I overlook, I miss,
the little things you do for me...

I so often forget
that all good gifts
come from your heart and hand...

While I await your dramatic intervention
in the story of my life,
I miss the scores of ways, each day, you:
whisper your word in my heart,
open my eyes to beauty,
lead my mind to truth,
invite me to walk by your side,
touch my heart with healing,
give me cause to smile,
call me out of my fear,
lead me to trust in your love
and do more little things for me, Lord,
than I could possibly count...

Open my senses to know
in sound, touch, aroma, taste and sight
all of the little things filling my day
with your presence, your peace and your promise...

Teach me to find and be grateful
for the little things, Lord,
and find joy in the little things
I do for others...



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