Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/7

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even in my most foolish moments
(especially in my most foolish moments!)
I want, in my heart of hearts,
to make wise choices and decisions...

This is true of every day, Lord,
and especially true on some days
when the consequences of my choices
are important, long-lasting
and significant in others' lives...

This is one of those times, Lord,
so I pray for wisdom
- or more precisely -
I pray for your wisdom
in my mind and heart,
in my choices and decisions...

Help me see through my own bias,
through the prejudice that clouds my vision...

Help me see to the heart of things,
deep below the surface...

Help me see what others see,
lest my vision be too narrow...

Help me find what's true, what's good
and what will best serve all...

Let foolishness play no part
in my thoughts and deliberations:
make me sober in my estimation
of all I must consider...

And when, in trust,
I've come to a decision,
let it be the wise one,
the one you'd have me make...

Give me the courage and strength I need
to follow through on my choices
and to act, wisely,
on what I pray and hope and trust
is inspired by your Spirit...



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  1. Father, I read your prayers daily, todays prayer has helped me. We are in the process of making a difficult decision at our house, and your words are giving me strength to reassess our situation. God bless you for your skill with words.

    1. It's always a joy for me to learn that the Lord has reached the heart of someone who has read my words, Mimi - thank you! - and be sure of my prayers for your discernment.


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