Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY

Nyes Neck, North Falmouth MA photo by Judy Warren

Sunsets at the shore are spectacular, Lord:
they can take my breath away
or breathe me back to faith restored...

But I don't live at the shore
where horizons stretch far and wide
with vistas of your artistry,
the brush strokes of your grace... 

Still, a day doesn't pass,
wherever I may be,
'til your sun sets as skies grows dark
and night takes center stage,
the moon and stars for light...

Though trees and buildings
crowd my horizon every day
I only need to lift my eyes
to catch, right where I am, a glimpse
of what you're painting at the shore...

So, when I'm lost in the shadows, Lord,
my chin drooped on my breast,
lift my eyes to the beauty of the setting sun
'til the night lights in your heavens
make it safe to fall asleep...


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