Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/18

Photo by Concord Pastor 7/18/16

From my beloved porch on these summer nights, Lord,
I see the near-full moon shining down on Concord center
and on me, relaxing in my peaceful place,
musing on the day now done
and the day to dawn tomorrow...

The moon's your watchful eye, Lord,
keeping vigil over all throughout the night;
and even if the clouds should hide your midnight gaze
you see through cirrus and cumulus
and never for a moment fail
to keep us in your sight...

And when the moon each month begins to wane
to but a sliver,
remind us how you hold us nonetheless
in the scrutiny of your watchful love and care...

I'm comforted, Lord, by your moon's eye view
of me, my town and all the earth:
you, our light by night,
lest darkness overcome us
as we wait the sun to rise...



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