Monday Morning Offering: August 22

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

On Friday, fresh from vacation,
I did a major cleaning of my desk at the office:
four bags of trash, Lord,
from one l-shaped desk and two drawers!

Finally there's some order there,
some blessed, much needed, liberating order!

Wish I could as easily do the same with my heart, Lord,
all for the sake of that same blessed,
much needed, liberating order...

So much stuff jumbled together in my heart:
worries, hopes, plans, problems, to-do lists,
dreams, sorrows, fears, responsibilities, joys
and unfinished business of all kinds...

And then there's the trash that's been piling up within me:
grudges, bitterness, resentments, prejudice, envy, hard feelings
- and the trash of junk that should never have found
a square inch of space to rent in my heart...

Lots of stuff to sort through, Lord,
lots of stuff to throw away,
lots of stuff to put in order,
that blessed, much needed, liberating order
that frees the soul and opens me
to be filled with what's good, whole, true, beautiful
and most of all: pleasing to you...

So I offer you this morning, Lord,
the mess that clutters the desk of my heart
and fills the drawers of my soul...

Help me make the time
and give me your help
to sort out what's good within me
and clean out what doesn't belong:
only your grace, Lord, brings order out of chaos
so I pray you'll help me find
that blessed, much needed, liberating order
that frees my soul for peace and serenity
and strengthens me to live my life
as you would have me live it...



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