Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 9/1

A piece of good news fell into my lap
and filled my heart with sweet relief
and since all blessings flow from God,
I thank you, Lord, for such a gift...

Some might call it chance or serendipity
but I will name it unexpected grace,
a gift to lift my spirits, Lord,
an undeserved favor from your heart...

So remind me, then, when days are gray
with fear and disappointment
of all the times when your good news
surprised my soul with joy...

And remind me how your blessings, Lord,
come every day in mercy and in grace
and in many ways
I sometimes (even often) miss...

Open wide my eyes, my ears, my heart
to all the ways your good news falls
along my path and in my soul,
into my days, my nights, my week...

Remind me, Lord, how all good news,
all blessings and all boons
drop from your heart through others' hands
into my lap and life...

And finally, Lord, for those whose days
are gray with worried fear, make me a bearer
of good news, of blessings
flowing freely from your heart...


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