Ten tips for going back to school!

(In my parish, this coming weekend is the last before school opens in town.  I'll be calling students forward for a blessing at Mass and giving out these 10 Tips I wrote for this purpose.)

1) Every morning: ask God to help you always be the best student you can be.

2) Promise yourself to do the best work you can -always- especially in classes and activities you don’t like because you find them difficult.

3) Be honest with yourself, with your parents, and with your classmates and teachers - always.

4) Always treat everyone as you would want to be treated yourself.

5) Remember: people who follow the crowd end up being part of a crowd.  People who want to make a difference always make choices based on what they know to be good and right and fair.

6) Failing a test and facing why you failed is always better than cheating.

7) Some students can be mean and cruel to others. Always hang out with those who are kind and fair to others and to you - and in return, be kind to everyone else.

8) If you need help, ask for it.  Seeking and accepting help doesn’t mean you’re stupid - it means you’re smart! And always be on the lookout for ways you can help others around you.

9) When you’re not sure what to do or say next, always ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?  What would Jesus say?”  Then follow his example.

10) Every night: thank God for the good things that happened during the day; ask God to forgive your mistakes; and pray, again, to always be the best student you can be.

Do what is just, 
love what is good 
and walk humbly with your God - always! 
- Micah 6:8


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