Monday Morning Offering: 9/26

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I offer you the week ahead, Lord,
the week you've offered me:
seven days of opportunity,
and grace...

I offer you the days ahead
for which I'm anxious, tense and fearful:
be with me in the tough times,
by my support when I grow tired
and my strength when I am weak...

I offer you the days that will confuse me:
be me counsel, give me wisdom,
help me come to understand
when things just don't make any sense...

I offer you, ahead of time,
any disappointments I may know:
keep my spirits high, high enough
to help me move along in faith
when things don't go my way...

I offer you my pledge to live this week
as faithfully as I know how,
with your help and grace to keep me true
to you and to your word...

I offer you my desire to pray this week:
to find some time each day
to sit and share with you
my sorrows and my joys,
waiting for a word from you,
a whisper of your love...

And I offer you the days
that I anticipate with joy:
let my hope not be in vain,
my expectations not too high
and my gratitude be yours
for all the gifts that come my way...

I offer you the week ahead,
the week you've offered me, Lord:
seven days of opportunity,
of mystery,
and your grace...



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