Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 9/17

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Some days, Lord,
in the midst of things moving way too fast
and many, far too many distractions and interruptions
on top of phone calls, texts and emails,
among the meetings, deadlines and appointments -
on some days, Lord,
you manage to break through it all
to touch me with your blessing,
to heal an ache or pain,
to pour on me your mercy,
to help me see the goodness
   in the lives of those around me,
to offer me a shot of hope,
some respite in your peace
when I can trust and rest in you:
a power nap in your embrace
to refresh and keep me moving
through the day...

Open me to all your gifts, Lord,
all the time:
may I never miss your breaking through
to offer me the chance to rest,
to power-nap and be restored
in your strong and loving arms...


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