Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 9/15

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I see the world through my own eyes, Lord
and I know my eyes play tricks on me...

Sometimes I don't see what's right in front of me:
my bias, prejudice, selfishness and haste -
all keep me from seeing
what's there before me, hiding in plain sight...

And sometimes I see things that aren't there, Lord -
at least not there in reality:
I see what's in my imagination,
I see what I want to see,
I see what fantasy teases me to believe
is real...

And sometimes, Lord, I refuse to see
what you'd have me see
whether a challenge or a new path,
a neighbor's need, some opportunity
or a piece of truth I'd rather not accept...

Other times, Lord - I'm just blind!
Oh, I can see with the eyes in my head -
but my mind's eyes are cloudy,
my heart's eyes are closed
and my soul's eyes glaze over
in boredom, indifference and dullness...

Yet even with such blurred vision, Lord,
I so often think how
others should see the world just as I see it,
as I perceive it, as it looks to me,
as I "know" it...

Blurry vision, Lord -
that's what I've got - blurry vision!
Help me to see, Lord!

Teach me to see the world through my neighbor's eyes
and especially, lead me to see all of life through your eyes
for you see everything as it truly is, just as you created it...

You see what's real, what's true, what's just;
you see to the very core of my being
and with compassion and justice,
with mercy and grace,
you see into our hearts and souls,
you read our thoughts before they come to us,
you see as no one else sees...

Help me to see!

Help me to see as you do, Lord,
with love and compassion for all:
heal my blindness
and bring me to the vision of your presence...



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