Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 9/29

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It's been said, Lord, 
that your first language is

If that's the truth, and I believe it is,
then it's no wonder I have such
trouble hearing you!

There's so much, too much noise in my life:
in my mind and in my thoughts,
and in my heart and soul -
too many sounds competing for my attention,
too much noise distracting me,
deafening me to the quiet, silent peaceful sound
of your presence and your word...

So I'm praying today, Lord,
for some silence in my day:
a time and place set apart
just to be quiet,
to listen for your silent presence
filling my mind,
calming my thoughts
and bringing me peace...

I pray today, Lord,
that you quiet my heart
until the only sound I hear
is my heart beating,
the heart you gave me,
the place where you dwell within me:
my heart, open to your heart
beating with the rhythm of your presence
and your peace...

I pray today, Lord,
that you quiet my soul:
tame my anxiety,
calm my fears,
temper my passions,
compose my mixed emotions,
heal my wounds,
smooth my jagged edges,
ease my heart's burdens
and soften it, heal it,
drench it in your mercy,
making peace
between my heart and yours
until our two hearts, yours and mine,
beat together
in a silence broken only
by your loving word
and my heart's word of thanks...



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