Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/9

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Every five or six weeks, Lord,
I shop for all the things I need
to keep myself clean
and looking and feeling and smelling good:
health and beauty aids they call them
and that's the aisle I visit...

Today was the day to shop
and as I paid for my purchases
I paid attention
to how much I spend on
pampering myself...

You saw what I spent, Lord,
and you know how that compares
with what I give, over five or six weeks,
to offer and provide some
aid for the health of beautiful people
in faraway lands
where deodorants and shaving creme,
shampoo and makeup
are low on the list of daily needs...

I paid attention to what I paid
and it gave me pause -
so I'm bringing it to prayer...

Give me some perspective, Lord,
and help me do the math
that shows how well I care for me
while others need my care...

Help me take a long hard look at what I spend
on what others say I need and have to have...

Change my heart, Lord,
and help me change the bottom line
to turn the balance of my caring
to the needs and health of others...


How much do I spend each month on tooth paste, soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, mascara, makeup, shaving creme, razor blades, skin care, nail care, mouthwash, Q-tips, hair spray, perfume, aftershave, OTC remedies, tissues...?  

And what's my monthly budget for helping provide for the care and health of those in need...?

What's the difference between the two - and what do I need to do to "balance the budget?"


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