Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 10/19

Kevin and Sanna 10/19/13
(In place of my usual Wednesday "Texting with God," I invite you to celebrate the third anniversary of this couple whose marriage I witnessed for the Church and about whose wedding I wrote this prayer the next day.)

Yesterday, Lord, the joy of a wedding,
Kevin's and Sanna's,
took me far from my worries
and far from all that haunts my heart...

For over an hour I rejoiced in their love,
in the promise and hope
of a bride and her groom blessed by your peace,
graced by your Spirit, united as one...

For an hour, Lord, your presence in them,
in their vows, in their kiss,
lifted my heart with most welcome delight...

You didn't free my soul of its cares
but you let me know, deeply:
whatever the burdens that weigh on my heart,
joy still comes to visit, to touch and uplift...

In "good times and in bad, in sickness and in health,
all the days of our lives"
you offer us peace - even joy -
and the grace to accept it,
if just for an hour...

Open my eyes, my ears and my mind, Lord,
open my heart to what joy comes my way
and let me not miss, let go or forget
the gift of sweet joy when it stops by my door...


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