Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/3

I'm very grateful, Lord,
for the peace and consolation
you've recently given me:
you have been more than generous
and I give you my thanks and praise...

I only wish I could take a ladle
and portion out the grace in my heart
and share it with some folks I know
who very much need and are praying for
the consolation of your presence, your peace,
your healing and your comfort...

You know the people I'm thinking of, Lord:
there's S and J and D and Y and G
and P, A and and another J
and of course there's V and E and B
and F and N and T and yes, another J!

And I'm not forgetting O and K
and R and H and W and L,
plus C and I and Q and M and X!

So many people waiting, Lord,
and praying for your peace,
for your presence
and your healing...

You know them all, Lord,
and those I've yet to meet,
like U and Z,
but one day I'll cross paths with them
and add them to this litany,
this alphabetic soup of prayer
for those who pray your blessing
and the comfort of your peace and grace
from deep within their hearts...

Be with them in their troubles, Lord,
be with us all, I pray...


(Yes, all those letters stand for real people I pray for -
and J is not the only multiple!) 


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