Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/22

So often and so easily, Lord,
we misunderstand and misinterpret
what others tell us...

Sometimes what we "hear"
is nearly just the opposite
of someone's good intentions:
wrong impressions, then, are given,
hearts are hurt,
walls are built
minds are closed
and friendships wounded...

Our words can be so strong
in bonding us together
but also oh-so-weak
and so easily destructive...

But not so with you, Lord,
not so...

No matter how clumsy our prayer,
you understand it inside-out
and top-to-bottom...

No matter the words we use,
weak or strong, right or wrong,
you know so clearly and completely
our souls' intended plea...

And even when we're silent,
when lips are sealed and hearts are mute,
you know our every need and want,
you hear our prayers, though left unspoken:
   though our hearts be deeply hushed,
   you hear our soundless, voiceless, prayers...

Hear us now, Lord, hear our prayer
that we might come to hear each other's words
   as you, so well, hear ours;
that we might understand the silence
   when that's all that can be said,
that we might hear and know, deep in our hearts
   the love that's sometimes lost
      in our mumbled, jumbled words...

Hear us, Lord,
we pray...



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