Homily for Christmas 2016

I prepared two homilies for Christmas: one for the 4:00 vigil Mass which draws so many young families and one for the rest of the 5 Mass on the calendar.  The first was unscripted, the second in text.  After preaching at the 4:00, however, I decided to go with that homily for both Christmas eve and day,  As a result, there's no text for my homily, only audio.  This homily included visuals, photos of which I've posted here - you'll need to listen to the homily to understand the photos.


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  1. Dear Father, Armani, the boys and I went to mass in Cambridge so as to hear the Boy's Choir at St. Paul's which I love (and it gives us a little more time to get out of the house and still get a seat even at the last minute...:). I I just listened to this homily and felt a tinge of regret that I was not there yesterday. This was, as always, very moving. And I needed to hear it, especially the part about sadness and healing.
    I am much better about being mindful of others than I am about being mindful of myself and my own needs. Peace my friend, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, SKA - and Merry Christmas to you!


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