Monday Morning Offering: 1/23

Morning Coffee: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God...

Well, some of the hoopla is finally over, Lord
- and some of it's just beginning...

And what have we to offer you this morning?
Shall we lift up our hands in angry gestures?

Shall we send up a prayer filled with cuss words and swears?

Shall we shout out our hate for those you love
   - in spite of however they voted?

Shall we bless your name as we curse our neighbor?
Shall we give you glory while we swagger in our pride?

Shall we pray for relief with a vengeful spirit?

Shall we render you praise from spiteful hearts?

Shall we pray as if all hope were gone,
   forgetting that you are our only hope?

Shall we put our faith in one like ourselves,
   forgetting that only you can save?
Whether in anger or in celebration
   we quickly forget that you alone are the Lord,
      with power to heal and save us...

So we offer you our prayer this morning, Lord:
   for the mending of America,
   for the healing of our nation's soul,
   for the calming of our country's spirit,
   for justice done as you would have it,
   for freedom tempered with sacrifice,
   for liberty crowned with self-restraint,
   for leadership tendered with humility,
   for compassion in those who govern us,
   for those who serve and protect us,
   for truth in our words and deeds,
   for integrity, unanimity and solidarity for all,
   and for hearts wide open to welcome in
      your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
         yearning to be free...

We know this is a lot to ask, Lord,
   and we know you ask us, in turn,
      to be instruments of your peace and grace...

Help us, Lord, to live through this time
   according to your word and will
      and make of us again
         a people after your own heart...

Hear our Monday morning offering, Lord,
   and and answer us we pray
      through Christ our Lord.



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