Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/31

Buffalo Mountain, CO: photo by Ruth Fleming Hamilton

I lift up my eyes to the mountain
from whence shall come my help...
Psalm 121:1

you often led your followers up a mountain,
not to escape from trials and troubles
but to find a quiet place away
where they might hear your whispered word
and see their lives more clearly,
from your vantage point,
you who sees all things
near and far, inside and outside,
visible and invisible...

Help me not get stuck, Lord,
mired in the problems that are mine,
but rather, lift my eyes to your holy mountain
and guide me,
walk me to the top to be with you
to see my life as you do,
to see my life and its burdens through your wise eyes,
to love those who trouble me as you love them,
to trust that when I descend from your holy place
and return to my day-to day,
you'll go with me, still be with me,
with the grace and strength and peace
that only you can give...

I lift up my eyes to your mountain, Lord:
I lift up my eyes to you...

Protect me from all harm,
guard all my ways,
my coming and my going,
both now and forever.



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