Word for the Weekend: Gone Fishing!

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This weekend's scriptures for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time lead off with a passage from  Isaiah, chosen clearly because Jesus himself quotes it in the day's gospel passage from Matthew.  The lectionary offers a longer or shorter form for the reading of the gospel.  The shorter form emphasizes the Isaiah reference while the longer does the same, adding the call of Peter and Andrew and then James and John.

The image above will give you a clue about a well-known phrase that comes from this story.  Got it?

The intermediary text is from 1st Corinthians where Paul addresses divisions in the community based on loyalty to particular persons.  Indeed, some things never change!

You'll do well to look over these scriptures in preparation for hearing them: you'll find the texts and brief commentary on them here.  And if you're shepherding children to Mass this weekend, take a look here for hints on helping our young ones prepare to hear the Word, too.


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