Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/16

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To quote the bard,
"What's past is prologue..."

Then let me see with your eye, Lord,
the web of words and deeds
converging in this moment,
connecting now with all that's been,
meshing this moment with all I've known,
the good, the bad, the indifferent,
the remembered and forgotten...

Help me see how every strand of my existence
has been woven into whole cloth
under your protective, watchful gaze:
how all that I have known (or not)
has played a part in making this
the day that you have made...

And then give me hope, sweet Lord,
that the present, now at hand,
is already knit as one
with all that is to come
with all that's left to be...

And mindful of the moment,
let me find my hope in you
who see, who clearly see
just what I miss:
how the past is ever leading me,
binding me to you
in ways I cannot understand
until looking back, in grace,
I see your fingerprints
on all that I have known...

And as you've brought me safe thus far,
so lead me safely home:
for this I pray, I hope and trust
is all your will and way for me...



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