Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 3/24

I've had a great week, Lord,
visiting with family in Colorado:
reunion and relaxation
all restoring peace in my soul,
resting in a valley in the Rockies...

Because I believe
all blessings flow from you,
I praise and thank you, Lord,
for the gift this week has been...

As this week ends I pray,
as I've prayed these past few days,
for those who've had a harder week,
a lonely week, a worried week,
a week of fear, doubt and confusion,
a week of trials and troubles,
a week of illness and pain,
a week of loss and tears and grief...

Let your blessings freely flow, Lord,
and give respite to those
whose hearts are heavy burdened,
whose plates are much too full,
whose days are long, who cannot sleep,
who beg in prayer for healing,
who seek and wait for peace of mind,
who hunger for your word of truth,
who thirst for just a sip of joy,
who search to find you day by day,
who wait and wait another day
for you to lift them up...

As this week ends I pray,
as I've prayed these past few days, Lord,
for those who've had a harder week
and turn to you for comfort,
for healing consolation,
for the peace that's only yours to give...



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