Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 3/16

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Another day ahead of me, Lord,
and I hope, I pray, I trust
you'll be with me all day long
and through the night ahead...

One thing I'm worried about today is ___________
Help me face this, Lord,
help me deal with it,
help me make the best of it
and help me lean on you for strength...

And something I'm happy about today is __________
Help me enjoy this, Lord,
help me share the joy I find,
help me be grateful for this gift
and for everything you give me...

Something I'm carrying today is __________
Help me bear this burden, Lord,
help me carry it with acceptance,
help me shoulder it without self-pity
and help me share the load with you...

People on my mind and in my heart today are  __________
Help me be a friend to those in need,
help me be gentle with those who try my patience
help me be generous in giving of myself,
and may I do for others as I'd have them do for me...

And here's something I'm sorry for today _________
I ask you to forgive me
and help me change my ways:
may I be merciful to others
as you, Lord, are to me...



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