Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 5/9

Sometimes things happen, Lord,
(or fail to happen)
and I'm left wondering:
where are you?
why don't you intervene?
why don't you make things different?

Those times, those questions,
stick in my mind
and lodge in my heart
and I scratch my head
in wonder and disappointment...

But I don't pay near enough attention
to all the times I might be grateful
for what's happened
(or failed to happen):
the times I owe you thanks and praise
for your being there,
for your Spirit moving in my life,
for the difference I knew
through my faith in you...

So help me, Lord,
not to miss a moment today
when your hand's upon my shoulder,
your arm intervenes with grace,
and everything is different
when I see through eyes of faith...

And should something happen
(or fail to happen)
and I wonder again
where you are:
help me remember
that you never forget me,
you're always with me
and that all shall be well,
all shall be well, yes
all manner of things shall be well...



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