Holy Weak

Holy Week

We have to give ourselves permission
to be weak enough to enter into Holy Week.

Stop pretending that you can hold everything together.
No one is telling you that you have to be strong.

Instead, you need to be real.

You do not need to put on a special face to others 

to show you are a Christian. 

Stop perpetuating illusions 

about the way others tell you to be. 

This week is about your relationship with Jesus Christ 

and what he needs most is for you to be a real person 
– just as you are –
even if you are weak, vulnerable, filled with chaos, 

and bombarded by a variety of conflicting emotions. 

If this is who you are, 
then this is the 'you' Jesus wants to meet 
on this journey to the cross." 

~ John Predmore, SJ

Take me as I am, Lord!

By John Bell


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