Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 4/22

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Cope Amezcua

(This weekend's gospel tells the story of Doubting Thomas)

Thomas was a doubter, Lord,
and sometimes
I'm a doubter, too...

Sometimes I doubt you, Lord:
your love for me,
your care for me,
the mercy and the peace
you offer me...

And I often doubt myself, Lord:
others may believe in me
but I often doubt and second-guess
my self...
Doubt can back me into a lonely corner
and leave me short on hope...

Doubt can blind me to the truth
even when it stares me in the face...

Doubt can render senseless
any wisdom I have in me...

Doubt can warp the truth
even when the truth is mine...

Doubt can be a devil
when an angel's help I need...
Thomas needed to see
your suffering's wounds
before believing
in your risen glory:
sometimes it's my own wounds, Lord,
that keep me from believing
you're always there for me,
you're always by my side,
you always have my back
and want nothing but the best for me...

Thomas needed to see
your suffering's wounds:
don't let my wounds, Lord,
my suffering,
keep me from discovering,
discerning and delighting in
the peace you offer me...

Help me look with Thomas, Lord,
look upon your wounds
to remind me you're no stranger
to what suffering may be mine...

Remind me how my pain
marks just the very place
where you, Lord,  come to meet me,
to mend and heal
my soul and doubts,
to lead me to your risen peace...

Like Thomas, I'm a doubter, Lord:
   deepen my faith, my trust and my hope
   and make me a believer...



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