Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 4/25

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Give me ears, O Lord,
to hear the silent cry,
the pleas that go unspoken,
and a healing word from you
for me to share...

Give me eyes, O Lord,
to see your Spirit move
in graceful myst'ry
in the lives of all around me
and in mine...

Give me hands, O Lord,
gentle, strong and ready,
to lift up those bent low,
to serve my neighbor's needs,
to receive the gifts you offer...

Give me a heart, O Lord,
a heart that beats with love
for those left all alone,
for those who live in fear,
and for all the brokenhearted...

Give me a spirit overflowing
with your wisdom and your counsel
to shape my every thought,
my choices and decisions,
my part in others' lives...

Help me this day, O Lord,
to use the ears, the eyes,
the hands, the heart and mind
you've given me to share
with all whose paths cross mine...


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