Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 4/4

Image: Gwen Meharg

I come to you today, Lord,
with an impatient heart...

I come before you with a heart accustomed
to fast food, fast lanes, fast answers
and Guaranteed Overnight Delivery -

I come to you expecting
delivery of services
- on demand!

Teach me to live
in your time, Lord...

Slow me down and teach me to live
with my questions,
my problems,
my worries
and my anxiety...

Slow me down, Lord,
and remind me that, indeed,
you are with me,
you are close to my broken heart
and you will deliver me -
all in your time...

Give me patience, Lord,
to understand the ways
you're close to my broken heart
and open my eyes to see those around me
whose gentle touch
helps mend my heart,
day by day by day...
Especially when things move slowly, Lord,let me see the simple ways
you're delivering me from my troubles
and leading me to a place of peace...

I trust you, Lord,
and pray that you'll trust me
to return to you this Lent, 
day by day by day,
with my whole heart...



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