Pause for Prayer: 5/2

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Lord, you keep track of all my sorrows,
you collect my tears in a jar,
you record each one in your book...
(Psalm 56:8)

You know my comings and my goings:
you know when I run away
and where I hide when I flee -
hoping to outrun, to hide
from even you...

You know my twists and turns,
you don't miss a single step
nor forget the missteps I have made...

You store my tears in a jar,
salty memories of my cries to you
in sadness, pain and fear
and now and then
the tears I wept in joy...

I'm not alone, Lord:
never am I alone...

You're always in my heart and by my side, 
your hand is ever on my shoulder,
gently guiding me, showing me the way
to all that's true and good and pure...

I'm not alone, Lord:
you follow all my wanderings,
you record my journey's story,
you wipe way the tears upon my face
- and those I weep within...

You're always by my side,
I'm not alone, Lord
never am I alone...



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