Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/13

Madonnina by Roberto Ferruzzi

The image here was my mother's favorite Madonna - it hung
in our living room at 2 Weeks Road in Danvers, MA.  I have
a small version of the same, framed as above, in my prayer

And here's what I believe to be the most beautiful setting of the
Ave Maria ever composed.  It's the work of Franz Biebl and it's
performed here by Chanticleer.

Biebl intersperses some verses of the daily Angelus prayer with
the text of the Ave.

The piece is introduced with:
Angelus Domini, nuntiavit Mariae
et concepit de spiritu sancto.
(The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary
and she conceived of the Holy Spirit.)

The second interpolation is:
Maria dixit, ecce ancilla Domini, 

 fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.
(Behold the servant of the Lord,
let it be done to me according to your word.)

The third gloss on the Ave text is:
verbum caro factum est, et habitavit in nobis.
(And the word became flesh and dwelled among us.)

Because we are brothers and sisters of Christ,
Mary is our Mother, too.

On this Mothers Day weekend let's pause and pray
with this beautiful prayer and these beautiful sounds...


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