Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 5/4

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Question: why are pansies used as an image of weakness when, indeed, these hardy blossoms are among the first to brave early spring chills and seem to survive just about everything? I've seen pansies make it through some early spring snowfall and come out on the other side hale and hearty - and the inspiration for today's Pause for Prayer...

make me as strong as a pansy!

Regardless of my physical ability,
make me strong within:
strong of mind and strong of heart,
strong in trust, strong in hope,
strong enough to face whatever comes my way,
in and out of season...

Let no harsh winter in my soul
slow my blooming the promise of spring -
even and especially
when spring is late in coming...

As pansies are fragrant, Lord,
only at dawn and dusk,
keep me faithful to prayer when I rise
and again before I fall asleep...

Make me as strong, as faithful as a pansy, Lord:
let me find and share with those around me
whatever color and beauty are mine,
that my place in your garden
be a source of peace and strength
for all whose paths cross mine...



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