Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/23

Photo by CP

Simple, splendid pansies grace my porch door
where they wait each day
for me and for my watering can
to quench their thirst,
refresh their roots,
to strengthen them
lest they wilt and droop
and die...

I get this, Lord.
I know they're thirsty
and I know they wait on me
to wait on them,
to feed their beauty,
to refresh them
to withstand the heat of day...

I visit my porch door friends each day, Lord,
to shower them with my attention
and slake their thirst for what they need
for life
and in return they grow, they bloom,
they flourish and brighten
all my comings and my goings,
these portal pansies waiting for me
to wait on them..

My soul is thirsty, too, Lord,
and waits each day for me to water it
with my attention, care and prayer
that it might grow, bloom, flourish
and brighten all my comings and goings,
this soul of mine waiting on me
that I might wait on you, Lord,
that I might wait on you...


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