Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/18

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Be my strength, Lord, 
   when I'm weak and tired, 
   when I'm listless and drowsy:
      be the strength in my arms and keep me faithful to my work;
      be the strength in my body when I want to flee to sleep;
      be the strength in my soul when self-pity's got its hold on me;
      be the strength in my spirit when "I Don't Care" is how I feel...

Be my fortress, Lord,
   when I feel besieged on every side, 
   when it seems there's no place left to go,
   when I need a place that's safe from harm, 
   when I look for shelter for my heart:
      be my fortress, Lord, protecting me from what and whom I fear;
      be my fortress, Lord, a place to go when I'm not sure where home is;
      be my fortress, Lord, my  shield lest any harm might touch my soul;
      be my fortress, Lord, and keep me close within your saving arms...

Deliver me, Lord, from sin and from temptation...

Deliver me, Lord, from thoughts and words and deeds 
      that have no business being in my mind, my speech, my life...

Deliver me, Lord, from anyone and anything 
   that fails to bring me closer to your way, your word, your wisdom...

Deliver me, Lord, from the hold my possessions have on me:
   deliver me from all the things, the toys and stuff
      that spend my time and waste my mind, that drain my soul of spirit
         and bring no good to me or to my neighbor...

Help me know how weak I am so I might know the times
    I need your power to hold me up and help me to go on...
Help me know how vulnerable I am so I might know the times
   when your presence is my only refuge, my safe haven...

Help me know how lost I often am so I might know the times
   I need your wisdom to guide me and your love to save me...
I love you, Lord:
   my strength, 
      my fortress, 
         and my deliverer...
In the quiet of my prayer, Lord, show me
   how much I need your strength,
   how often I need to rest in the fortress of your arms,
   how deeply I need for you to rescue me 
      from harm, from foolishness and even from myself...

In the stillness of my prayer,
   strengthen my faith in your love for me, Lord,
   be the place where my heart finds its peace
   and deliver me from danger, however it might come my way...

Quiet my anxious heart and help me be still
   that I might know that you're my God,
      that you are near,
         that you are here with me...

I love you, Lord:
   my strength, 
      my fortress, 
         and my deliverer...


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