Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 8/13

Bumped into an old and good friend last night,
someone I didn't expect to see,
and had I left the restaurant two minutes earlier
our paths wouldn't have crossed...

Not saying you arranged this, Lord,
but I do believe that all good gifts
come from your hand
and this meeting was a gift,
a great gift indeed...

I'm never sure of the hows, they whys,
the ways you thread yourself
through my nights and days
but I know, Lord,
that you're woven yourself
in the very fibers of my existence,
inextricably part of who I am,
who I've been
and the person I'm becoming...

Bump into me, Lord,
bump into me often and hard enough
that I can't miss you,
that I won't miss who it is
who crossing my path,
day and night, night and day...

Bump into me
like the old, good friend you are
and show me, remind me
that all good gifts,
every single one of them,
comes from your hand and heart
into mine...



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