Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/22

It is the summer's great last heat, 
it is the fall's first chill: they meet.*

It is the autumn equinox:
   technically, the first day of fall...

Today the seasons change:
   summer makes her exit and fall her entrance,
      all at the bidding of celestial spheres...

Oh, there will be warm days yet
   but there's no denying 
      the seasons are a-changin'
   and there's no holding back summer's departure
      or fall's debut
   as they flirt with each other
      and tease us with their comings and goings
   until summer's passed away
      and autumn's born in colors ablaze...
And what is your bidding for me, Lord?

What would you have me leave behind
   as one season ends
and what would you have me anticipate
   as a new season opens?

What do you ask of me, Lord,
   and what do you expect of me this fall
in the changing seasons
   of my heart, my story, my life?

As the seasons change, Lord,
   all around me and within me,
be the center, the still point, the peace
   in my ever-changing life...


* Sara Morgan Bryan Platt


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