Monday Morning Offering: 10/16

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

A few days ago
I was driving into Boston when,
through my windshield, 
you aimed the sun
into my eyes, my mind, my soul...

Your brilliance pushed me back, 
my eyes squinting, 
focusing intently on the road ahead:
with the sun, a floodlight in your hand,
you snapped me to attention!

And with the light came the heat of you,
warming my flesh and whispering,

And you did.  
You had me!
For a few minutes on 95 South
you had me in the palm of your hand
and I wondered aloud, 
"What are you doing?"

But I knew exactly what you were doing...

You were in my face, in my eyes,
to dazzle and remind 
that even as the leaves fall and winter waits, 
you warm me inside out:
my flesh, my mind, my heart and soul...

How often (so turned inside myself)
do I miss the moments 
when you flash the sun in my path 
and warm my heart with light 
no darkness can douse?
Lord, have mercy!

How often (so chilled in grief)
do I shrug off the warmth of your embrace
reaching out to blanket me 
in love that never fails?
Christ, have mercy!

How often (dazzled by your beauty glimpsed)
do I shut my eyes closed tight
and blind my soul to hope
and choose, instead, a path of tears?
Lord, have mercy!

Lord, have mercy!
Christ, have mercy!
Lord, have mercy!

Before all leaves have fallen
and winter chills what warmth is left:
open up my heart, Lord:
to see what you would have me see;
to know your furnaced heart's embrace;
to catch a glimpse of hope 
as seasons change...

I offer you my prayer, 
this Monday morning, Lord,
for all the times 
I've missed the light, the warmth, the hope 
I found on 95,
the light, the warmth, the hope
that waits for me 
today, tonight and through the week ahead...


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