Monday Morning Offering: 11/13

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

What a week it was, Lord!

My path has crossed so many others' paths
and the routes have been many:
through my work, through prayer,
through sickness and death,
through good times and bad,
through joys and disappointments...
through meeting newcomers
and bidding farewell to old friends...

I offer you all the moments of meeting
in the week just past, Lord,
and most of all I offer you the hearts and hopes
of those whose steps walked close to mine...

I offer you the tears of loss I saw,
damp upon cheeks of grief...

I offer you the smiles of faith
on parents bringing their children to the font...

I offer you the small steps forward
taken by some who are afraid to move ahead...

I offer you the anger of those who've been hurt,
left out and let down...

I offer you the new resolve bold in the hearts
of those picking themselves up, dusting themselves off...

I offer you the gratitude of those who've worked hard
to learn, to grow, to become again the selves they knew...

I offer you the Spirit's nudge in my own heart on Friday
and pray for the grace to be faithful to it...

I offer you those who asked me for help I could not give
and pray you'll help me find a way to assist them...

I offer you those whose hearts are bound
to hearts far away or in harm's way...

I offer you the moments of grace I saw and seized
and the moments I missed or messed up...

I offer you the many ways you showed me your face,
took me by the hand, walked by my side,
asked for my help, listened to my prayer,
lifted me up, settled me down, forgave my sin,
calmed my fears, strengthened my will,
and held me in the palm of your hand...

Now I offer you this day, Lord,
and the new week there before me...

Cross my path, Lord,
in the lives of all I know and meet
and guard my steps in the shade
of the Cross of your mercy and love...



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