Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/30

You’ve forgiven me so many times,
over and over again,
often for the same faults and failings,
the same old sins,
my same old sins...

You’ve forgiven me so many times
and yet just today it came to my mind,
came to my heart, how
   - you never hold a grudge,
   - you never bear me any resentment,
   - you never point a scolding finger
even when I’m sure it seems
I take your mercy for granted…

I need to lean on your mercy, Lord,
I need to depend upon your forgiving heart,
I need to trust in your compassion and your love
but I never want, I never mean
to take your mercy for granted…

When I’ve done nothing to deserve it, Lord,
when all the evidence suggests another verdict,
even then your pardon comes my way:
a reprieve, a second chance,
my slate wiped clean
and the gift of grace to try again
to be more faithful to you, to your word
and to your love…

So, let me dare ask another favor, Lord,
the gift of a contrite heart:
   - true sorrow for my sins,
   - sincere regret for my repeated failures,
   - and deep gratitude for your mercy
which, in your boundless love,
you never fail to offer me…



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