Word for the Weekend: January 14

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This coming Sunday's gospel is a great text for the beginning of a new year.  Jesus asks John and two of his disciples, "What are you looking for?"  He asks the same question of us.  In reply, the trio asks Jesus, "Rabbi, where are you staying?"  How many of us are searching for the place where Jesus stays in our hearts, in our lives, in the world around us?  And Jesus answers, simple, "Come, and you will see."  Any of these brief quotes from the gospel would be good prayer starters for us this coming week.

The first scripture, from 1 Samuel, tells the story of the Lord calling Samuel.  At first, Samuel is confused and thinks the voice is Eli's -- but finally he understands and answers, "Speak, for your servant is listening."  How is the Lord calling each of us?  If we listen carefully, what might the Lord speak to us in the year ahead?

In the second lesson (1 Corinthians), Paul writes of how the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit - certainly a message for our own age to hear and ponder.

For the texts of these readings, look here and if you're bringing children to church with you, here are some hints for helping them understand the Word of the Lord.

And here's a New Year's resolution: pledge to prepare for Mass each week by reading over and praying with the scriptures before going to church!


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