A pocket reminder for the Lenten season

The cross of ashes traced on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday will soon be brushed off or washed away.  As a way of keeping that cross with us through the season, my parish offers a pocket cross every year with an inscription meant to be a starter for daily prayer.

This year's cross bears an invitation we're using as a catchphrase in our efforts at evangelization.  The inscription is simple:   
                   Come find the peace within...

These words are also on banners over the front and rear entrances to our church building and hanging from the choir loft inside. The phrase admits of two readings:

1) Come find the peace within our church building, in the silence, in the people, in the song, in the Word and in the sacrament of the altar.

2) Come find the peace within you... Come find the peace of God, the peace of Jesus, the peace of the Holy Spirit making a home, a dwelling place of your heart, your life.

If you'd like to have one of this year's pocket crosses, please send a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope 
to Fr. Austin Fleming • P.O. Box 220 • Concord, MA  01742  

(There is no charge, please do not send money.  If you want to make an offering, please send a donation to the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation through their webpage here.


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