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Many people will go to church tomorrow 
to receive ashes.
And many people are thinking 
about going to church tomorrow
to receive ashes...

Let's pray right now then for one another
and for all who'll come to church tomorrow
to begin the season of Lent...

Let's pray for those who've been away,
who are thinking of coming home:
may the Spirit guide them
to join us in prayer...

Let's pray for us all:
a new beginning in faith,
a new beginning in prayer,
a new beginning with God
in this season of Lent...

Let's pray for a season of letting go
whatever comes between us
and the love of God
and whatever keeps us apart
from our neighbor...

Let's pray for a season of generous hearts,
a season of serving others,
especially those who are most in need...

Let's pray that through our prayer,
our fasting and our serving the poor
the Spirit will open our minds and hearts
to know what God wants to do in our lives
this Lent... 

Let's pray a springtime of renewal
leading us to the joy of Easter
and the peace of the Risen Christ...  

For all this
let us pray to the Lord:
Lord, hear our prayer!


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