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Good morning, good God!

This Monday morning, Lord, 

I'm wondering:
What if... ?

What if…  I accepted 

   all the love you offer me?
How would I change and grow?
How would my relationships change and grow?
How would I be a different person?

What if… I surrendered 

   to the truth of your Word and wisdom?
How would my thinking change?
How would my understanding change?
How would my decisions and choices be different?

What if… I stopped to listen 
    and really tried to hear what you ask of me?
What would I hear?
What would I do differently?
What new turns might my life take?

What if… I saw you in every face I meet?
     Especially in the faces where I don't find you now?
How would my day change? 

My plans?
With whom would I be spending my time?

What if… I named and counted my sins
   and prayed  and asked for your mercy?
How would my heart be changed?
How would my life change?
How might I become more forgiving of others?

What if… I put others' needs ahead of my own 

   for a day?  for a week?
How would my priorities change?

Whose unmet needs already have a claim on me?
What would I need to let go of first?

What if… I bared my soul to your healing touch?
What wounds of mine most need your healing?
What pain to I hold that I need to let go?
What peace, what joy

might then fill my heart?

What if… I walked only the path you chart for me?
Where would you lead me? Where would I go?
How would my direction change?
Who and what would I leave behind?

What if…  I trusted you, Lord?
What if I trusted your love for me?
What if I trusted your plan for me?
What if I trusted that I am yours
that you'll never abandon me,
that you'll always be with me
and that by your side I have nothing to fear?

What if, Lord…  
what if?

Receive my morning offering, Lord:
that I might come
to see you more clearly,
love you more dearly
and follow you more nearly...

I offer myself into your hands:
do with me this day as you will...

For whatever you do, Lord, I thank you:
make me ready for whatever you ask
and open me to receive the help you offer me
this morning, this day and through the week ahead...



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