Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/22

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Got some friends, Lord,
   who are carrying some heavy loads,
   their plates full of cares and concerns,
   troubles and fear, loneliness and doubt...

So, I was wondering...

   Could you slow things down for them,
   even just a little, in the days ahead?

   Could you fill in the potholes and smooth the bumps
   on the road they're traveling?

   Could you make their lives a little less complicated
   and a whole lot simpler?

   Could you spare them the curve balls
   and throw a couple right down Broadway?

   Could you gently touch their grief
   and mend their broken hearts?

   Could you give them a break
   from disappointment, discouragement and distress?

   Could you take at least a few things off
   their already full and overflowing plates of problems?

   Could you let them catch a glimpse of you
   standing close by their side?

   Could you give them the time and space they need
   to sit back, relax and find a little peace?

   Could you relieve their doubts
   and refresh their faith in you?

   Could you bless their tender, wounded hearts
   with healing and compassion?

And I'd be grateful, Lord,
   if you could give me some hints
   on how best to help these friends of mine:
      like them, I often feel powerless
      over much of what they're facing....

And I know we're all powerless in many ways
and need to trust in you, Lord,
   to lean on you, to ask you to be:
      our strength in our weakness,
      our wisdom in our doubts,
      and our hope
         through the darkest and loneliest of nights...

Got some friends, Lord,
   who are carrying heavy loads, their plates overflowing
      with cares and concerns, with troubles and fears:
   help them know and see and feel your presence,
      your love, your strength, your mercy and your peace...



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