Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/20

I'm on a pilgrimage, Lord:
a group from my parish has come to Rome
to visit, to pray, to travel, to learn,
to spend the first week of Lent...

Things are generally going well
along with a few ups and downs
and fatigue and colds
and the desire to do too much
in too short a time...

Come to think of it,
life is something of a pilgrimage,
isn't it, Lord?

We begin somewhere
and, step by step,
make our way through thick and thin,
ups and downs,
in sickness and in health,
in good times and in bad,
through sorrow and joy -
all the while making our way back to you,
walking the path home to you...

And as important as it is to find you
at the end of our journey,
finding you now,
everywhere along the way,
along the road we take,
the path we make
perhaps even more important
for you make the journey with us,
you travel with us, by our side,
before us and behind us,
above us and below us...

Wherever my own pilgrim road has taken me
and no matter how many times I've got lost,
no matter how many times I put you aside
pulling off the road and charting my own course,
away from the sway of our Spirit,
apart from the plan you have for me,
as many times as I've done all this
you're still with me, by my side,
showing me, leading me, guiding me
on the pilgrim road that takes me home...

So, whether we're on a designated journey
or on the pilgrimage of life,
lead us, guide us, bring us home, Lord,
until we know you in all your fullness
and your love alone
becomes the joy of our hearts...



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