Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/27

So many things keep me from prayer, Lord...

So many things, large and small,
pull me in a dozen different directions
and slowly, surely, my time for prayer
slips to the bottom of my list of things to do
and then I'm too tired or I forget
to find a quiet place, a quiet time
to find the peace I long for...

Who doesn't want peace, Lord?
Who doesn't want some peace and quiet?
Who doesn't want a breather, a break, 

some respite from the craziness each day can bring?

I know the peace of prayer and yet I fail,
over and over again, to take the simplest steps
to lead me where some moments spent in prayer
might turn an awful day to awesome
just for sitting down and resting by your side...

So many things keep me from prayer, Lord,
and what keeps me from prayer keeps me from you
and what keeps me from you, keeps me from hope
and what keeps me from hope, keeps me from life...

Even when I'm busy with good things,
when I'm faithful to the work that's mine to do,
when I'm doing what I do to make a living,
even then, Lord, I need to make time for prayer:
to seek your light and strength,
your watchful eye upon my day;
to seek the wisdom of your word
to help me know which path to walk
when so many things, large and small,
draw me in a dozen different ways...

Help me to turn to you in prayer each day this Lent,
help me set aside the time to be with you - and keep it;
help me find a quiet place to stop, to sit, to breathe,
to close my eyes and seek your presence in my heart...

Slow me down, I pray, Lord,
especially on the hardest, busiest days
and in your quiet presence,

with your grace
and in your peace.
draw me close to you in prayer
every day,

one day at a time...


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1 comment:

  1. This is how I feel right now! I'm having an especially difficult/busy tax season, and keep "forgetting" to stop and "be still..."


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