When words fail my prayer...

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I have no words, Lord,
no words to speak a nation's grief,
a people's panicked outrage,
the depths of loss and pain...

I have no words, Lord,
for words have failed for far too long
to make the changes, any change,
to curb the violent virus
now infecting our shared life...

I have no words to speak to powers deaf
to anguished cries
and to the silence of young lives
slaughtered, mute, lost in the classrooms,
in the hallways of our schools...

I have no words to speak
but I know well the words I long to hear:
a word of peace where now there's none;
a word of comfort for the grieving;
a word of healing for the broken;
a word of wisdom in the madness;
a word of change where only change
will change the danger in our streets...

I have no words today, no words
to bring to bring from heart to speech
and I yet I trust you hear and know
the words I cannot find...

So hear this one last word, Lord,
in my silence hear my cry, my prayer,
"Mercy, Lord!"

Have mercy on your people, Lord,
have mercy on us all...



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