Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 3/16

Putting in a request here, Lord,
and I hope you don't think
it's too much to ask for...

I need and I'm asking for one day,
just 24 hours, one day free of
surprises, interruptions, distractions
and those out-of-nowhere complications...

OK, I know:
that's a lot to ask for...

So, how about one day,
just 24 hours, without too many
surprises, interruptions, distractions
and just plain unexpected bumps in the road...

I know:
that's a lot to ask for, too...

So, how about this, Lord?
How about I just ask for the
patience, grace and wisdom I need
to face and handle,
to make my way over, around and through
whatever comes my way
in the day ahead,
in the next 24 hours...

I'm pretty sure that's not too much to ask, Lord:
just help me trust,
help me see and find that with you at my side
and with your strength and help
I can face whatever this day might bring
- at least for the coming 24 hours...



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